Every Suit Starts With a Conversation

Italian-inspired artistry guided by an intentional process

How It Works ⬇

Private Consultation

You’ll meet with Vestivo’s principal designer and master tailor Johnny Endrihs to discuss your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.Johnny will carefully take your measurements and create a unique pattern for your bespoke garments. You can be as involved or hands-off as you’d like to be during the process.

Fabric Selection

Choose from a wide range of premium, high-quality fabrics sourced from the world’s finest mills. Johnny is here to help guide you through the selection process, considering factors like weight, drape, and occasion. Opt for timeless classics or explore more contemporary options that suit your personal taste.

The Baste

This initial fitting is to test the pattern designed for your body with a test fabric. Your fit will be assessed, and any adjustments will be noted. This step allows you to get a feel for the suit’s drape and proportions before the final construction.

Suit Construction

Your suit is crafted using the ideal combination of construction technique and fabric weight, resulting in a garment that is uniquely yours.Full canvas perfectly conforms to your body, offering a flawless silhouette and superior fit that will only improve over time.

Final Fit

You will try on your completed bespoke suit for a final evaluation. Johnny will make any last-minute adjustments to ensure an impeccable fit. Enjoy the confidence and sophistication that comes with wearing a suit that truly reflects your personal style and compliments your physique.

Johnny Endrihs: Weaving Passion Into Sartorial Masterpieces

From a young age, Johnny Endrihs had an innate knack for fashion, effortlessly matching outfits and creating his own unique styles. This childhood interest blossomed into self-taught sewing skills and dreams of his own clothing line. At 18, his military service enriched his perspective, introducing him to the intricate balance of utility and formality in uniform design. The corporate realm further influenced and shaped Johnny's fashion journey, with daily suit-wearing leading to collaborations with bespoke manufacturers.
From this cultivated passion, Vestivo was born.

Distinguished Style, Impeccably Crafted

Set yourself apart in a world where your personal brand matters. Live your life with confidence and poise.

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"Vestivo is my passion for precision and design infused into a garment."

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